Fully-Fledged Guide on ATT.Net Email Sign Up and Login Issues

Email  August 3, 2022

ATT.Net Email

AT&T is known for its incredible email services, but most users are unaware that it is a tech company that deals in phone technology, email and tech services go hand in hand. If you subscribe to AT&T’s email service of AT&T, you get 21 different email accounts. 

However, AT&T is not a free public service like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail, and it gives access to email service only to internet subscribers. After subscribing to an att mail login account, you can do all the essential tasks of sending and receiving emails along with attractive features. 

Despite being limited to internet users, this email service impresses users from around the globe and registers its name in the top 10 webmail services list. The world-class email facility is stacked with unique features and a simple yet effective interface allowing users to navigate this webmail hassle-free. 

If you are oblivious about this email giant or developing interest in using this service but don’t know how, then our guide will help you out in this matter, stick with the content and learn everything about att email service under one roof. 

Features of ATT Email Service 

  • ATT is a feature-rich email service compatible with all the platforms that help spread its reach. Moreover, it supports all browsers on desktop and Android. 
  • At&T security is another critical feature that keeps users away from unwanted online threats. On this email platform, users can share and store their valuable data. Moreover, in-built virus protection and spam filters are available for users. 
  • Users with internet services of AT&T and use up to 21 email accounts. 
  • ATT support is available for users who have difficulty creating, logging in and retrieving passwords. 

How to Sign UP on AT&T Email Account 

Creating an account on this email client is an easy-breezy process, and you can easily create without any expert guidance, yet we have mentioned the login steps in the underneath section, follow them and create an account;

  • After reaching the homepage, click the Sign Up placed on the top right corner of the screen. 
Sign Up Form
  • Next, you will be redirected to the page where you will see the signup form.
  • Provide all the information asked in the form, such as Username, Domain, First Name, Last Name, Verify Your Age and click on the Continue Button. 
Sign up step 2
  • After hitting the Continue button, you will move to the following steps. ATT requests you to secure your account by providing information such as your Mobile Phone Number, Zip Code, and Alternative Email. After entering all the information, click on Send Code. 
  • Once you receive the mobile number code, enter the given box, and your sign-up process will be completed. 

AT&T Email Settings

Before moving onto the login process, make sure you have properly configured the ATT email server settings; pay attention to the underneath table and enter the settings that are necessary for smooth functioning of email service.

Att.net (AT&T) IMAP Server:Att.net (AT&T) SMTP Server:
IMAP port: 993SMTP port: 465
IMAP security: SSL / TLSSMTP security: SSL / TLS
IMAP Username: Your full email addressSMTP username: Your full email address
IMAP password: Your Att.net passwordSMTP password: Your Att.net password

Steps to Access AT&T Email Account

As stated above, AT&T is compatible with all systems and devices. You can choose any device to use this famous email client, and here we have described the steps to access an att login email, follow them and get the perks of email service.


Signing in to AT&T is quite a straightforward process if done right. But most users face confusion due to the lack of knowledge of the proper steps and required credentials. So, here we are revealing the correct step to access your AT&T email account with ultimate ease.

Accessing or signing in on the AT&T account is a simple task, but if you know the exact process. Because one wrong step or action can invite many issues, so follow the below-given steps;

  • Begin the sign in process by visiting the att mail login page. 
Login page
  • Now enter your AT&T email address in the “User ID” box
  • Move to the next box and enter your Password, 
  • After providing user id and password, press the “Sign-in” button and access your ATT email account. 


Smartphones are convenient and easily accessible; a simple 5 to 6 inches device allows you to do countless tasks, and accessing att.net email login is one of them. Go through the underneath steps to access the email account on an Android device;  

  • First, open the “Settings” by tapping the gear icon.
  • Move down to the “Cloud and Accounts” section, and you will see the list of available accounts on the device. 
  • Now tap on “Add Account.” 
  • Many options will appear on the screen; scroll down and tap on the “POP3″ option and “Manual Setup.”
Add Account 
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Tap “Manual Setup” again to gain access to the setup page of the inbound server.
  • Now enter your AT&T email login details in the given fields.
server address 
  • Enter the server address that is inbound.att.net.
  • Select the security type and choose the “SSL/TLS” option
  • Now type the outbound port number in the “Port” box, which is 465.
  • Check the “Require Sign In” box to allow users to check your message.
  • Enter your AT&T username and password in the given boxes 
  • Lastly, tap on Save to end the process.


  • Tap the “Settings” icon and go to “Accounts & Passwords.”
  • Next, tap on “Add Account” and see the list of accounts you already have.
  • If ATT is not on the list, tap on “Other” and move further by tapping the “Add Mail Account.”
  • In the next steps, enter your name in the “New Account field.” 
  • Next, enter your email address and password in the given boxes.
  • In the “Description” box, you can write a short description and tap on “Next.”
  • Now tap on “Save” to end the process. 

How to Reset Your AT&T Email password?

Resetting passwords is necessary for safety purposes, but a common reason for resetting passwords is that users forget to remember them and enable access to their accounts. Here are the password resetting steps you can use anytime for any situation either you fail to remember it or you want to update it to boost security. 

login page
  • Now click on the Forgot Password? Option 
password recovery page
  • Enter your ATT email address, User ID, and Last Name in the boxes and press “Continue.”
  • Now select the mode of resetting your password; you will get the option of resetting using three ways, email address, phone number or security question. Support you have chosen the phone number option. 
  • Next, you will get the code on a phone number. 
  • Create the new password using the code given on your mobile number. 
  • Now follow the on-screen directions and finish the resetting password process

Workaround for Login Issues With AT&T Email

Facing issues on email accounts is a universal problem; no email service users are left untouched from these issues, technology is prone to error, and they can’t attain perfection. But the solutions for these issues are available all over the internet. But no available information or troubleshooting steps are reliable. So, we have come up with the workarounds that the users try and taste, and the working ratio of these solutions is high. Hence, you can rely on these, pay attention to the underneath section; 

Reopen the Browser 

This solution works most of the time; when we use the browser for a long time, it stores the cookies and creates a history of the browsing data. So, whenever any new update happens with the email service, due to stored data, it can’t fetch the latest features, creating conflicts with the new and old versions of the application or feature. Hence, try to restart or reopen the web browser and clear all the cookies and the history. 

Use Updated Browser Version 

Using the older web browser version may create issues with the latest one, which has been loaded with new features that may not work on the obsolete version. So, keep checking the settings to see if any new version is available. 

Apart from updates, your internet connection plays a crucial role in the functioning of the email service. Hence, check the router and try to reboot it for better network strength. A stable internet connection is critical for the smooth functioning of internet operation. 

Disable the VPN 

We use VPN service to hide our IP address for many applications or websites and often forget to turn it off. As a result, this causes email service issues, hinders the process, and sometimes blocks the connection from the server. 

Hence, make sure to use it correctly; if you are having issues with your at&t email login, check the VPN service to see if it’s turned on. If you are using the browser extension for VPN, remove it in case of an issue. 

Disable the Firewall 

Firewalls are designed to secure our devices from viruses and spyware that can cause significant damage to our devices. With Windows 10, it comes in-built, and an additional layer of antivirus doubles the safety. But often, it creates issues that block the regular functioning of sending and receiving email. Hence, in case of an ATT error, check if the installed antivirus program is not responsible for the issue. 

Tips to Prevent AT&T Login Issues

Check out the following bullet points whenever your face login problems while using an AT&T account:

  • Check if the device’s Caps lock and NUM LOCK buttons are not ON. 
  • Make sure to check the version of your web browser, do this by switching the web browser
  • Clean the history of the browser 
  • Check the network strength of your internet router.
  • Visit the att.net login to check the status of the server, and you can also use the downdetector website for this task
  • Re Login your account from the device
  • Switch to mobile app is browser version causing you issues
  • Adobe Flash Player is essential for any web browser; make sure to update it regularly

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